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Productive lines

  • Single sheet  line:- produces galvanized polygon plate (83 cm) width, length (1-12 m) thickness farm (0.2-1)mm.
  • section   Z line: For big stores build from steel and the various works in Z shape and a galvanized or ordinary coil is used with length till (12m) and thickness (5, 1 mm).
  • rehabilitate the new line for sedimentation sheets for the cement factories as we reaches to an advanced stages in the preparation of sample for the above factories.
  • Four lines had been invented known as the (various production ) to take advantage of the waste of production process to the maximum degree , such as (steel carrier + middle partition for units , windows , doors and other  various works).

Water Treatment Unit

  • waste water treatment unit
  • Reverse osmosis desalination unit
  • high water purification unit works with solar energy.

water purification units to produce water with high purity identical with (WHO) and as follows:
movable water purification units with depended global designs (German, Austrian , Spanish, French) and we list below the manufactured capacities in the company , and we can manufacture any capacity between it according   the demand.

Water Desalination  Unit (RO)

  • Assembling  and   supplying  water  desalination  unit  by reverse  osmosis  method (R.O)with  different capacities  and  according  to  the global   Designs   and   in  the  light  of  the  developed Water   analyzes  provided    from  the beneficiary Side and  (TDS)
  •   Assembling  and supplying water purification Systems   works   with   solar  energy  with  capacities  (1,3,5)m3/hr.
  • Manufactory   and  supply  water desalination Systems  works  with solar  energy with capacity (1,3,5)m3/hr)


Vertical Tanks

Designing   manufacturing   and   installing   vertical Tanks  with  different   capacity  till (10,000) m3 for  liquids  and  water  and  oil  derivatives.
As  dozens   of   tanks  have been   installed  For   varies  uses  in  all   provinces   of  the Country.


Some of External execution activities

Extending   connecting   checking   the  feeds tube of   raw  water  for  sport  city  project in  Basrah  (16  km)length  900mm  diameter And  discharge capacity   up to (3250 m3/hr) from ALAbbasia  region  to  sport  city in  Basrah.

Sport City Project in Basrah

  1. Supplying  and  establish   concrete tanks  with  capacities   of  (10,000 m3)QTY. (3) for  the  sport  city  project  in Basrah.
  2. Supplying ,installing   and   operating   water purification   unit   with  capacity (1200 m3/hr) with  all  the  accessories  for sport  city Project in  Basrah.
  3. Supplying   and  installing  water  collecting tank  with  capacity  (25,000 m3)for the   sport  city  project   in  Basrah.

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