Service facilities

The company has excellent service facilities to support the company's factories in all its productive departments:

Oxygen generation plant:

It generates liquid gas with purity up to (99.66 %) to the productive factories in all their departments. it is built on an area of (1000 m3) and has been supplied with the necessary safety equipment and has four main parts which are:

Gas generation plant:
It is characterized by its international specifications and production capacity (80L/hr) and has

  • Air compressor with a capacity (600 m3/hr )
  • Cooling unit to reduce the temperature of gas to (4 C°)
  • Purification system to pull the moisture from produced gas .
  • The unit of distillation column to separate the produced gas from the rest of gasses and distilled with degree (- 186 C° )

it consist of tow Tanks to collect gas produced from the generation station , the first tank capacity is (10000 Ltr.) and it feed the gas distribution net to the productive department , the second tank is with capacity of (6000 Ltr.) to feed the cylinders filly up station .

The net:
it consist of copper pipes expended from the first tank to the productive lines in the factories with diameter (50,30,12.5)mm.
Cylinder filling up system : it consist of high pressure pump anشd filling pipes of ten parts to fill up mobile oxygen bottles .

Liquid gas station (LPG)

The station is used in storing and distributing of liquid gas that is used in the production lines for all the company’s factories to cut the metals with different thicknesses and it is built on an area of (1800m2)and equipped with all the necessary safety equipments and it is consisting of:

  • (3) Tanks with capacity (10 tons) Connected with water system of transport truck cars.
  • System of pressure balancing and system of pulling gas.
  • The net: Consist of metal tubes (pipes) extend to all the productive factories with diameters (12.5, 50, 75) mm with all safety equipments, valves and standards 

Electronic Balance (scale)

The company has electronic balance from Italian origin with capacity of (60 tons) provided with control room, computer, printer constructed on an area (500m2) carried out in (2009) used in weighing raw materials that are purchased from local markets or from aboard for the benefit of our company and is also used in weighing half manufactured parts that inter in the production process and the completed (finished) products, or any other purposes for our company or other companies.

Heat treatment furnace:
The company has heat treatment furnace with high world–class specifications used to raise temperature of the product to remove the overstrains and re-arrange the crystal structure of metals generated during welding bending and forming processes as we use the thermal insulation process when the operating temperature of the furnace is (1000 C0)and the ambient temperature is (4o C0)knowing that the furnace structure is from (st40)and thickness of sheet (8mm)to the ground and thickness of side plate (6mm)with dimensions (width 5,6) and (length 19m) and (height 6m) , the internal dimension(width 5m),(length 18m), (height 5m) and the height of the gate from the inside (12m)


  • The lowest temperature of furnace :( 400 C0)
  • Operating temperature :( 920 C0)
  • The maximum pressure (1000 C0)
  • The experimental temperature (1000 C0)
  • Maximum pressure in maximum internal temperature: (3% of the outer wall temperature)
  • The quantity of temperature sensors: (4 pieces of (NICRNI)
  • Temperature sensor scheme with equal dimensions through the furnace length.
  • Type of temperature sensors: (NICRNI)

Productive factories:

The company has production factories contains various productive lines and characterized by modern machines and equipments from international origin.
Heavy engineering equipments factory: it includes the following productive lines:

Preparation line this line the basic operations is done to prepare all the initial requirements for all the products that’s falling within the production plan of the factory such as (cutting, bending, punching)and the line includes also specialized machines to manufacture (Dish end) with different sizes for tanks and pressure vessels.

Tanks production line: In this line are the basic operation to manufacture the horizontal and vertical tanks of different capacity from (1m3-100m3) for storing water fluids and oil derivatives.

Pressure vessels production line:
The producing of high – pressure vessels gas and liquid is done in this line and also manufacturing of (LPG semi trailer) (LPG storage tank) horizontal type with different required capacities.

Heat exchangers and steam boilers production line:
The manufacturing of heat exchangers (shells & tube) type and manufacturing of steam boilers (fire tube) type is done in this line with capacities (1, 2, 3.5, 4.5……15 Ton)

Mechanical operating line:
In this line the processes of mechanical operating is done for all the operating parts at the manufactured equipment in the other productive lines such as (lathing, milling, drilling, notching … etc)

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