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A delegation from the Central Region Electricity office visited our headquarters on 2019/7/8. The meeting was held with the Director General and the advanced staff in our company to discuss the mechanism of implementation of electrical poles.  Alfaris.Gov.Iq 

Business and Products
Some of the works and products of Al-Faris State Company: Water purification plants - Water desalination units RO - Vertical tanks - External operational activities - The sports city project in Basra - There are many products and business page ...

About The Company
Al-Faris State Company is one of the formations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and one of the companies of the industrial sector specialized in the field of manufacturing heavy engineering equipment and water purification units, which was established in 1988 ....

Service Facilities
Al-Faris State Company has excellent service facilities to support the company`s factories in all its productive departments: Oxygen generating plant, liquid gas station, electronic balance, thermal furnace, production plants ....
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