steel structures
steel structures
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Al-Faris General Company manufactures steel structures for cement mills for Hammam Al-Alil Cement Factory with its attachments fixed on castings with holes that prevent the entry of water and cement.It is used in the mill of cement and cement known as (middle diphram) (one set) with a total amount of one hundred and fifty-three million dinars.
And that the time period in which the structure was completed amounted to (10) days according to the technical specifications agreed under the contract between the parties, and that the manufacturing included the middle barrier of the material mill with all its accessories .
Al-Faris State Company is one of the companies specialized in manufacturing and erecting sections of cement kilns, all of which are subjected to advanced and modern inspection stages such as non-destructive and non-destructive examinations, interim testing of the product and x-ray scanning device (x.ray).

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