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Al –Faris state company one of the formations of ministry of industry and minerals and one of the companies of the industrial sector specialized in the field of manufacturing heavy engineering equipments and water treatment units which was established in 1988 , has the pleasure to shed  light upon its manufacturing capabilities in different fields knowing that the company uses programmed welding machines , ( x ray ) test sets , and quality control test sets for ( thickness , hardness , corrosion , softness  , welding links) according to the reliable international specifications ( ASTM ,API,ASME,TEMA,DIN CODE ) and all the  company products are subjected to the destructive and nondestructive tests and the company is ready to execute any activity falling under its capabilities that shown below :-
First: Water technology:

  •  Designing, manufacturing and supplying waste water treatment units (package unit) with capacities (50 ,100) m3 /day according to the international technique and (DIN) specification note that the used technology is the (activated sludge )
  • Manufacturing and installing water purification units for drinking purposes according to international specifications and according to (German , Spanish , Austrian ) designs with different capabilities (14 m3 /hr, 25 m3 /hr, 36 m3 /hr, 50 m3 /hr, 100 m3 /hr, 200 m3 /hr, 240 m3/hr, 400 m3 /hr, 500 m3 /hr ).
  • Manufacturing and supplying water treatment units by reverse osmosis (RO) with different capacities and according to the international designs depending on water analysis and (TDS)
  • Manufacturing and supplying water purification units work by solar energy with capacities (1, 3 , 5 ) m3/hr
  • Manufacturing and supplying water desalination units work by solar energy with capacities (1, 3 , 5 ) m3/hr

Second: Heavy engineering equipment

  • Manufacturing oil refineries and oil refinery towers for units with capacities (10000 barrel/day) according to (Howbeker co.) designs and also manufacturing refinery towers, boilers and oil refinery exchangers with different capacities.
  • Designing, manufacturing and installing vertical tanks with different capacities till (10.000) m3 for water, liquids and petroleum derivatives   .
  • Designing and manufacturing horizontal tanks with different capacities from (1 m3 till 100 m3) for storing water, liquids and petroleum derivatives.
  • Maintaining steam boilers (water tube type) and heat exchangers with different types.
  • Designing and manufacturing steam boilers (fire tube) type with capacities of (1, 2, 3.5, 4.5…15) ton inside the company factories.
  • Manufacturing and supplying high pressure vessels and liquid gas vessels.
  • Manufacturing and supplying heat exchangers (shell & tube) type.
  • Manufacturing and installing extension joints and air and gas passages for electric power stations.
  •  The company has a furnace for heat treatments to relief stresses.
  •  Manufacturing oil refineries' equipment (separators tower).
  • Manufacturing LPG semi trailer & LPG storage tank (horizontal type).
  • Manufacturing vaporizer cooler& insulated co2 tanks.

Third:  HDD/Horizontal directional drilling :
Executing tunneling drilling projects for water and oil transferring pipes under bottom of river.

Fourth: Oil pipelines extension projects:
Executing projects for extending crude oil and gas pipes with different diameters and according to the authorized international specifications including executing hidden crossings under river bottom. 

Fifth: steel structures and sheds:

  • Manufacturing and installing steel structures.
  • Close and open sports halls (3D).
  • Sports stadiums with different capacities (small & medium).

Sixth: cement factories products:

  1.  Manufacturing and exchanging cement furnace parts with different length, diameter and thickness.
  2. Manufacturing (buclet) for cement factories with different sizes and volumes.
  3. Manufacturing sedimentation sheets for cement factories, cooling towers, and dust ducts. 

Seventh: single sheets: 
The company has a complete factory for producing & supplying single sheets with dimensions (0.2 - 1* 0.83 * 12000) mm

Eighth: oxygen gas: 
The company has a factory for producing oxygen gas for medical and industrial purposes with purity reaches (99.66%) and pressure (100-110) bar.

Ninth: external execution activities:
Our company is executing now different works in albasrah sports city including the following works:

  1. Extending, linking and inspecting the raw water feeding pipe of albasrah sports city with (16) km of length, (900) mm of diameter and discharging capacity reaches (3250) m3\hr from (Alabasiyah) area to albasrah sports city.
  2. Extending the raw water transferring pipe with (900) mm of diameter and (450) of length under the bottom of shuttelbasrah with (16) m of depth to transfer raw water to albasrah sports city.
  3. Supplying and establishing concrete tanks with capacity (10000) m3 & quantity (3) for Albasrah sports city project.
  4. Supplying, installing, and operating water purification unit with capacity (1200) m3\hr with all accessories for Albasrah sports city project.
  5. Supplying and installing water collecting tank with capacity (25000) m3 for Albasrah sports city project.

Also our company would like to inform you about its new capabilities in heat treatment, stresses relief and gas tankers.

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